How to Create a Romantic Cafe Experience at Home

There’s nothing more enchanting that sharing a Cupffee moment with your loved once. Valentine’s Day, elevate your celebration by transforming Cupffee into delectable dessert that will make your hearts flutter with joy. Grab the night, share the love, and let the Cupffee magic unfold! Blueberry Cheesecake Delight Picture this: a romantic dinner followed by a […]

 Sweeten your Valentine’s Day with Raspberry & Cream Latte

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with sweet gestures and indulgent treats. What better way to celebrate this day of love than by creating a delightful Raspberry & Cream Latte with Cupffee’s edible cups? Not only does it add a layer of surprise and delight, but it also resonates with the spirit of eco-conscious indulgence. Ingredients: 1/2 […]

Durability Of Sustainable Cups

In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the quest for sustainable solutions in our daily lives has become paramount. Cupffee stands at the forefront of this movement, offering a groundbreaking product that marries sustainability with durability: the edible coffee cup. The Cupffee Advantage: Cupffee cups are not your average disposable cups. They’re crafted from […]


In the culinary world, where innovation meets tradition, Master Chef Teo Vladislavov presents a masterpiece that tantalizes the taste buds and wows the eco-conscious. This isn’t just a cheesecake; it’s a statement—a blueberry cheesecake served in a Cupffee cup. Chef Teo’s recipe promises a perfect harmony of flavors, nestled in a cup that’s a treat […]

Popcorn Dalgota with Cupffee

It’s a beverage, it’s a dessert, it’s an experience! This delightful concoction marries the velvety texture of Dalgona coffee with the sweet, nostalgic essence of caramel popcorn. Ingredients for a Cinematic Coffee Experience: Instant coffee Hot water Popcorn syrup Your choice of milk, the creamy base Caramel popcorn Combine equal parts instant coffee and hot […]

Crunchy Latte Delight with Cupffee

This isn’t just any latte; it’s a “Crunchy Latte,” featuring a symphony of rich chocolate and the satisfying crunch of cookies. Let’s dive into the recipe that’s making waves among coffee enthusiasts. Ingredients:   Double shot of freshly brewed espresso 3 bars of your favorite chocolate A handful of ice cubes Chocolate sauce for drizzling […]


MasterChef finalist Teo Vladislavov, known for his ingenuity in the kitchen, presents a redefined classic — a carrot cake that merges tradition with modern culinary art. His recipe goes beyond the ordinary, transforming the beloved carrot cake into an edible adventure, housed in the innovative Cupffee. Ingredients for a Culinary Revolution: 1. Carrots 2. Raw […]

Sustainable Office Culture with Cupffee

Let’s explore how Cupffee is reshaping office culture and setting a new standard for sustainability at work. The Problem with Paper At first glance, paper cups seem harmless, even recyclable. However, the reality is that they are often lined with plastic polyethylene to prevent leakage, which makes them difficult to recycle. The result is a […]