Enter Cupffee: The Game Changer

National Chocolate Milkshake Day with a Crunch

We were unable to find the creator of National Chocolate Milkshake Day. However, that never stops us from celebrating!

The term “milkshake” made its print debut in 1885, initially referring to an alcoholic eggnog-like beverage blended with eggs, whiskey, and other ingredients. Pharmacies served it as both a tonic and a treat, offering chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla syrup options by 1900.

During the 1920s and 1930s, milkshakes gained popularity at malt shops across the nation. Another delightful addition to milkshakes during this era was malted milk powder, known for its toasted caramel flavor. This shelf-stable product made its debut in the 1870s and was used to create malted chocolate milkshakes, a beloved choice at soda fountains in the 1920s.

Now, let’s introduce the star of the show—Cupffee. If you’re not already familiar with Cupffee, prepare to be amazed. Cupffee isn’t your ordinary coffee cup; it’s an edible, crunchy cup made from natural ingredients. It’s a game-changer in the world of beverages, offering a sustainable and delicious way to enjoy your favorite drinks.

Adding Cupffee to your chocolate milkshake isn’t just about creating a unique and Instagram-worthy treat; it’s also about sustainability. By using Cupffee cups as your straws, you’re making an eco-conscious choice. These edible cups are not only delicious but also biodegradable, reducing single-use plastic waste.

So on this National Chocolate Shake Day, go beyond the usual.

Join us to raise a chocolate milkshake with Cupffee to celebrate this sweet occasion.

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Enter Cupffee: The Game Changer

National Chocolate Milkshake Day with a Crunch

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