A Sustainable Revolution in Coffee Culture

Metro Partners with Cupffee

In a groundbreaking partnership, Metro, a leading international specialist in food wholesale and retail, has joined hands with Cupffee, the pioneer in edible coffee cups, to reshape the future of sustainable coffee consumption. This collaboration aims to distribute Cupffee’s innovative cups under Metro’s specialized coffee products private label “Rioba” across selected European markets.

Aligning with Metro’s ESG Strategy

This collaboration perfectly aligns with Metro’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategy focused on waste management, which is designed to enable both suppliers and customers to make sustainable choices. Cupffee in turn is driven by its mission to steer a shift towards a waste-free culture and to empower consumers to save the planet one Cupffee at a time.

Cupffee: The Green Partner

Cupffee is not just an edible coffee cup, it’s a movement towards responsible consumption. Cupffee addresses the urgent issue of global waste management and the disposable culture associated with coffee drinking. Each Cupffee cup is crafted from seven sustainable, locally sourced ingredients of natural origin, offering a green solution to single-use plastic and non-biodegradable packaging. Cupffee’s mission goes beyond waste management because it empowers consumers to make responsible choices on a daily basis, contributing to a greener future.

Value for the Consumer

Cupffee enriches the coffee drinking experience to a whole new level. Not only does it bring a crunchy and eco-friendly approach to your coffee routine, but it also turns the coffee ritual into a unique experience by combining your favorite drink with a delicious snack. It’s an added value that has the power to attract an entirely new customer base considering the cup’s sturdiness and resistance to high temperatures without altering the taste.

The Journey Begins in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has already started distributing Cupffee in Metro stores in August as the first country in this ambitious plan, which marks an important milestone for both companies. Following Bulgaria, the roll-out plan includes extending the product reach to other markets with Hungary, Germany, and Portugal next in line.

Be Part of the Change

The Metro-Cupffee partnership exemplifies how innovation can meet sustainability to create not just a product, but a cultural shift. By offering a waste-reducing, experience-enhancing product, Metro and Cupffee are setting new standards in both coffee culture and responsible consumption. 

This partnership encourages consumers to be a part of a journey that’s as enriching for them as it is beneficial for the planet.

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