A Delicious Moroccan Coffee and Hot Chocolate Fusion

Maroccino in a Cupffee Cup

In the world of coffee, there are countless possibilities to explore. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’ve probably enjoyed classic drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. But have you ever experienced a Maroccino? This delightful coffee, milk, and hot chocolate fusion combines the bold flavor of coffee with the warmth of spices, the sweetness of frothy milk, and the comforting richness of hot chocolate. What makes it even more unique is sipping it from an edible Cupffee cup, adding a delightful crunch to your coffee journey.

Coffee 1/2 cup
Hot Chocolate 10/15 ml
Milk 25 ml
Cocoa powder  2,3 tablespoons

Prepare hot chocolate by mixing hot chocolate powder with hot water or milk according to package instructions. Carefully pour the prepared hot chocolate into the cup.
Prepare a shot of espresso in your preferred way or with an espresso machine and add it to the hot chocolate. Add the cocoa powder. Carefully pour the milk into the cup and decorate.
Pour into a Cupffee cup. Enjoy!

Maroccino is a delightful departure from the usual coffee routine, with the rich aroma of coffee combined with the soothing sweetness of hot chocolate. Sipping it from a cup of Cupffee adds a unique and eco-friendly twist to this great drink.

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