A new Christmas coffee tradition


Christmas is a time for warmth, cosiness and, of course, for unforgettable coffee moments. But in this light of festive days, we often remain indifferent to waste. That’s where Cupffee comes in, an innovative product that aims to change the way we celebrate while protecting our planet.

A new Christmas coffee tradition
Cupffee is not just a cup, it’s a new Christmas tradition. These edible cups are made from natural ingredients and are fully biodegradable, meaning they can be part of your festive rituals without leaving a mark on the environment.

Designed with the future in mind
At a time when sustainability is becoming an increasingly important element of every aspect of our lives, Cupffee presents itself as an elegant solution to reduce holiday waste. Eliminating the use of disposable cups is a small but powerful step towards a greener future.

Festive comfort without compromise
For many, the idea of a festive coffee involves a warm mug in hand, dotted with Christmas decorations. With Cupffee, this ritual remains unchanged. These cups keep coffee warm while also offering an extra flavor accent – a biscuit note that perfectly complements any coffee.

Celebrate responsibly
Using cupffee cups during the festive season is not just a fashion trend, but a responsible choice. They allow each of us to make a personal contribution to protecting the environment while enjoying our favorite winter beverages.

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