Try our Cupffee cups with a sample pack!

Discover the extraordinary blend of design, sustainability, and taste with our sample pack.

Each pack includes

10 small Cupffee cups (110 ml)

12 large Cupffee cups (220 ml)

Exquisite cup holders for each cup in the pack


Why Cupffee?
The snack is the cup!

Cupffee is an innovative edible coffee cup that delivers a tasty, crunchy experience suggesting an environmentally friendly snack consumption.
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Thermo Resistant

Cupffee resists high temps up to 100˚C, making sure your hot drink stays contained.


Thanks to our unique recipe, Cupffee cups won't leak for hours. No leaks, no worries!

No Taste Change

Not a fan of sugar? Cupffee won't change the taste of your coffee or tea.

Low Calorie

Grab your coffee in a Cupffee for a guilt-free indulgence. Sip and snack away!


Tasty as a cookie, Cupffee will be crunchy from the first sip till the last bite.


Customers fall in love with the cup from the first sip to the last bite.










Meet Cupffee

Cupffee is a new way to enjoy your drinks while caring for our planet.
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Crunchy and delicious

Tasty as a cookie, a new way to enjoy your hot drinks, unique recipe.

GMO free

No artificial colorants, sweeteners, or preservatives.

100% vegan

We use natural oil and no animals.

Not generate pollution

We do not generate any waste and industrial pollution.

Completely natural

7 sustainable and locally produced simple ingredients of natural origin.


Cupffee FAQs

You can order samples by going to the shop section and clicking the “order samples” button.

The sample box includes 10 pieces of the 110ml cups (1 sleeve with 10 cups in a luxury box) and 12 pieces of the 220ml cups (1 sleeve with 12 cups in a luxury box).

The product comes in two sizes 110ml and 220ml.
Our 110 ml cup is ideal for espresso or short coffee drinks, and our 220 ml cup is perfectly suitable for cappuccino, latte, flat white or tea.

Cupffee is made of 7 natural ingredients only and mainly contains oat bran and wheat flour.

Yes. All of our cups are 100% vegan. We use only plant-based ingredients and coconut oil.

At least as long as it will take you to drink your coffee, and several hours after that! You won't need to worry about it leaking. Cupffee cups won't leak for an entire day.

Yes, send us a message and our team will get back to you with all the information you need. You will receive a template showing the customizable areas of our packaging.

Cupffee is an edible cup made from natural grains, offering a crunchy way to enjoy your coffee and providing an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups. With 500 billion plastic cups used globally each year, Cupffee offers a waste-free solution that's biodegradable, even if you choose not to eat it.

Absolutely. Our production process at Cupffee is designed to be zero waste and environmentally conscious. We generate no pollution and no industrial waste. Any excess materials are repurposed to create stirrers, ensuring that every aspect of our process contributes to a healthier planet.