Cupffee Around the World

04 Mar 2024

Cupffee Around the World


In the heart of Europe, Cupffee is on a quest to transform the daily grind of caffeine into a sustainable adventure. Picture this: the Netherlands, a country that not only embraces tulips and windmills but also screams ‘sustainability’ in every eco-conscious corner.

Crunchy Tales from Dutch Campuses

Dutch students, famed for their green choices, are nudged to bring their own cups, opting for ceramic over disposable plastic. A small act that creates ripples of eco-friendliness withing the university walls.

In the hustle of academia, students often forget their cups at home or simply run out of bag space. But what if you forget the stress of remembering your cup every day? With Cupffee, you can grab one right at school, sip your coffee, savor the cup, and voila! No waste, no hassle, just a satisfying crunch.

 The Crunchy Testimonies

And here’s the exciting twist – we had the chance to meet a Dutch student and to hear that story directly from her. Intrigued, we asked her a few questions:

  • What made you switch to using your own cup of coffee?

“Well, I’ve always been eco-conscious. Bringing my own cup is a small act, but it sends a big message. It’s a daily commitment to sustainability.”

  • What do you think about Cupffee, and how it can change your coffee routine?

“Oh, Cupffee is a game-changer! Eating the cup after using it is just more than amazing. You have a crunchy snack after your coffee and don’t need to use any plastic cups or to bring your own. I’m always in a hurry and most of the time forget my cup at home.

  • Would you love to see Cupffee available in your university for everyone to enjoy?

“Absolutely! Having Cupffee in our university would be fantastic. It’s not just about me; it’s about introducing everyone to a sustainable and tasty alternative. Imagine the positive impact we could make collectively!


Let’s make the eco-friendly future not just a dream but a delicious reality. Crunch on, Netherlands, and let the world follow suit!

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