Success story

Cupffee and Lavazza bring authentic coffee experience to 18 countries

It was love at first bite.

We met back in 2019. After starting our own industrial production, our team felt it was high time we introduced Cupffee to the global market. Driven by the dream for a better world, we took the chance to step on the big stage – ISM2019 to share our passion, inspiration, and vision with over 2,500 global supply chain and procurement professionals.

It was there we were approached by representatives of Lavazza – one of the biggest coffee producers in the world advocating for responsible production and environmental sustainability. The company had been charmed by Cupffee and felt it could be a great addition to their portfolio of sustainable products. We even visited one of Lavazza’s coffee offices to see how Cupffee could unlimit the creativity of the baristas.

But as every new beginning, this too was a challenge. A global partnership requires patience and hard work. We were devoted to restructure our internal processes and invest a tremendous amount of resources to meet Lavazza’s highest product quality and product safety requirements.

Proudly, we did it all and today Lavazza and Cupffee are a perfect match. Together, we deliver sustainable options for coffee lovers in 18 countries across the world, by giving Italian coffee its new and delicious best friend.

About Cupffee

Cupffee is a delicious, edible cookie cup that perfectly complements your coffee or dessert. It does not alter the taste of your drink, but also remains crunchy for over 60 minutes. And its vegan! Cupffee is completely biodegradable, which makes it the best alternative to any plastic or paper cup. With its unmatched characteristics, Cupffee defines a whole new category of edible and sustainable cups.

About Lavazza

Lavazza is a leading global coffee manufacturer which owns some of the most popular coffee brands which entice coffee lovers across the world.
Since 1935, Lavazza embarked on a journey that prioritizes the economic, human, environmental and cultural heritage of the countries in which the company operates in. Over the years, Lavazza has been promoting economic, social, and environmental sustainability projects alongside coffee-producing communities since 2004.
By signing the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the company strives to further integrate the principles of sustainability into all its activities and processes.

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Success story

Cupffee and Lavazza bring authentic coffee experience to 18 countries