Here are 5 tips for sustainable travel.

Ways to be sustainable while traveling

Vacations are much-needed and when you’re trying to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle, it might be overwhelming. Sustainability is a journey and you shouldn’t be discouraged when you make mistakes. If you want to learn some easy ways to be more sustainable while traveling, keep reading. Here are 5 tips for sustainable travel:

Avoid buying travel-size toiletries.

Travel-sized items might look like an easy solution to over-packing, but they are usually bottles or containers made out of plastic and containing very little product. If you’re traveling for longer, go for full-sized items or the best practice – buy zero-waste toiletries, which are not only better for the environment, but also perfect for traveling.

Choose your means of transportation wisely.

It is well-known that airplanes are the least sustainable way to travel, but they are needed for a lot of destinations. If possible, always choose bus or train over planes. When you go sightseeing, opt out for buses. Walking is, of course, the most sustainable option, and the best way to get to know your surroundings and get familiar with the destination. If you decide to rent a car, choose a locally-owned company.

Shop and eat locally.

Many people tend to eat, shop and stay at big international chains. This practice doesn’t support local business and it’s harmful for small shops and their economy. Try visiting family-owned hotels and restaurants, eating locally-grown products or even buying handmade souvenirs. There are sites available, where you can filter accommodation with eco-friendly and sustainable practices. And never forget, always keep an eye out for greenwashing.

Stay longer.

When we plan on staying at a destination for a couple of days, we tend to visit only the most popular places and neglect local businesses. If you’re able to stay for longer, do so. This will allow you to have a more authentic experience, cut down on your carbon footprint, and spend your money locally.

Bring your reusables and Cupffee cups.

While traveling, reducing plastic consumption can become difficult. When you’re traveling and you don’t know what reusables to bring, start with the basics – reusable water bottle, eco-friendly straws, food containers and of course, your Cupffee cups. It is key to keep your routine the same. If you use reusable water bottles in your everyday life, don’t neglect them then you travel. Carrying reusable bags can keep your shopping spree plastic-free.


Overall, try to make small changes that help the full picture. The best way to travel sustainably is to be more mindful. Respect the fact that you’re in someone else’s home and you need to protect it.

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