How To Be a Good Environmental Steward When You Travel

Travel with the Planet in Mind

When travelling, we generate a lot of waste and it’s important to reduce it as much as possible and dispose of that waste properly. Reducing your travel footprint is still vitally important. When planning your next adventure, you have to travel with the planet in mind.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Reusables

Travelling now is even more correlated to waste than ever. To reduce the amount of waste while travelling, make space in your luggage for reusable personal items like a water bottle, drinking cup, bamboo utensils, or even edible coffee cups. If you didn’t bring them on this trip, head straight to your hotel’s restaurant or café and ask to borrow these items to use instead of the disposables in your room. Body care products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other products necessary to make your travel experience comfortable don’t need to be disposable either. Pack a travel kit and you won’t need to use the disposable shampoo and conditioner containers offered by the hotel.

  • Public transport

Taking public transportation reduces air pollution and improves road congestion. By using public transport, the number of cars on the roads decreases and less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Fewer vehicles reduce traffic jams on the roads.

  • Be a Good Steward of Nature

Nature offers us fresh air and open space – a necessity in feeling safe these days. And for many of us, enjoying nature is a major goal of our travels. However, everyone else seems to have the same idea. As a result, parks or outdoor spaces may be busy, making for a crowded experience. Choose the path less travelled to truly enjoy the outdoors. Leave nothing behind but a positive impact on the local culture and environment.

  • Support local businesses

Buying from and supporting local businesses empowers the local economy. Local products travel less, require less packaging, and create more jobs. Eating local food ensures freshness and benefits local businesses. Locally produced food is fresh and nutritious. Furthermore, eating local products supports the local economy and contributes to increasing employment and income within a community.

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