Make less impact on the environment next time you head to the beach

Sustainable day at the beach

You’ve heard of zero-waste living, but what about zero-waste beach days? Have a read through this list to find out how you can lessen your impact on the environment next time you head to the beach.


Choose sunscreen that’s good for the environment.

Did you know that chemicals found in sunscreen have been identified as harmful for corals and marine life? Even if you aren’t near any corals, switching to a sunscreen without oxybenzone and octinoxate is a good idea because those ingredients could be harming other wildlife. 


Choose sustainable swimwear

Do you know what your swimsuit is made of? The answer might surprise you. The fashion industry is a major polluter and contributes to climate change. Choose brands who are committed to the Green Revolution. 


Don’t litter and leave no trace

It is important to leave the beach as you saw it before you arrived. Don’t forget what you brought and always collect your garbage. You can make this a larger activity by doing a beach clean–up. You can walk along the beach and collect garbage or simply collect the rubbish where you’re sitting. Be prepared at all time and bring your own litter bag. 


Ditch single-use plastic 

The most common type of waste found at the beach and ocean are bags, bottles, cups and cigarettes. Plastic can harm waterways throughout the world: plastic floats into natural ecosystems and can be ingested by marine animals and zooplankton. 


The beach is an amazing place to visit, but when we visit, we must remember it is an ecosystem and we must protect it. Let’s keep it nice for all the animals that call it home.

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