Choose your coffee wisely!

Is your coffee sustainable?

Coffee is an important part of our lives. Global coffee consumption has over doubled in the last 40 years, from 4.2m tonnes in 1970 to 8.7m tonnes. There are many environmental challenges facing the coffee industry today. Pollution, deforestation, unfair labor conditions and disposable coffee cups are some of the issues we are facing. Here are a few ways to make sure the coffee you drink is sustainable:


Look for the Fairtrade certification on your coffee bag.

Fairtrade makes sure farmers are paid proper wage and have adequate working hours. The certification on a product means it is of high-quality and it will always be ethically sourced.

Choose your coffee machine wisely

Coffee machines with capsules are extremely harmful to the environment and are not eco-friendly, since the capsules are rarely recycled. Brands tend to use greenwashing and state that the coffee capsules are recyclable, but the reality is different. A lot more reusable capsules started penetrating the market, which is also an option for people who prefer such coffee machines. Opt out for a moka pot or french press, which both use just ground coffee and water.

Compost your coffee grounds

Don’t throw those coffee grounds in the rubbish! Use them for your compost – they are also an excellent fertilizer thanks to the high levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace minerals they contain that are beneficial to plant health. What better feeling than knowing your cup of coffee is zero waste!

Ditch disposable coffee cups and start using Cupffee.

Disposable coffee cups are so outdated. Not only are they a polluter, but they are just not cool. Cupffee is a game-changer! It is a sustainable and tasty alternative to plastic and paper cups and it’s made of natural ingredients only. Cupffee cups stay crunchy for at least 40 minutes and would not leak for hours! They come in 2 different sizes. The 110 ml cup is ideal for espresso or short drinks, and the 220 ml cup is perfectly suitable for cappuccino, flat white or tea.


Opting for ethical and sustainable coffee beans and practices is an easy way to contribute to our environment and coffee-growing communities. Sustainable coffee not only tastes awesome because it was grown the way nature intended it to be, you are helping with the  overall well being of the planet and communities throughout the world.

Visit and get your crunchy edible cups now!

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