ESG investing and Cupffee as a brand with a cause

ESG Investing

The world is changing every day. We are faced with flood risks, rising sea levels, privacy and data security, demographic shifts, etc. There is a new wave of investors who have different missions and visions.

What is ESG?

These days you might have heard about ESG investing but what really is it? ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance and it is the future for brands. It takes the holistic view that sustainability extends beyond just environmental issues. It refers to investing in companies which focus on making the world a better place, which in return has an impact on their financial performance. ESG investing is a term that is often used interchangeably with sustainable investing, socially responsible investing, mission-related investing, etc. It’s about considering environmental, social and governance factors, alongside financial factors in the investment decision-making process.

Why is it important?

ESG investing is growing exponentially as more investors utilise ESG to support their investment decision-making. 90% of millennial investors consider ESG before investing. ESG investing encourages more companies to become more responsible and help save our planet. ESG investors seek to ensure the companies they fund are responsible stewards of the environment, good corporate citizens, and are led by accountable managers. Environmental issues may include deforestation, climate change, energy use, waste and pollution, natural resource conservation, and treatment of animals. ESG considerations can also help evaluate any environmental risks a company might face and how the company is managing those risks. Social aspects look at the company’s relationships with internal and external stakeholders. It’s vital for companies to donate to charities, be ethical and care about their employees’ health and safety. It is also supports the concept of circular economy in the future. Companies should be fighting against racial, gender, and sexual discrimination. Governance refers to how a company is led and managed. It ensures a company uses accurate and transparent accounting methods, is accountable to shareholders, and promotes transparency and accountability by leaders. The investment community is really putting in the work to make ESG investing mainstream, but let’s not forget it is not a one size fits all solution.

About Cupffee

The world uses 500 billion plastic cups every year. Because the alternatives to plastic cups weren’t good enough, we decided to create Cupffee. Cupffee is a phenomenon in the sustainable world. The novel idea to make the world more sustainable was born in 2010. There was a big issue that needed to be addressed and we gathered the exceptional minds of coffee lovers with the inner drive to make the planet greener. The company was founded back in 2014. In 2018 we started industrial production and by 2020 we relocated to a large new production facility and further invested in a fully automated production line.

Cupffee and ESG

Cupffee is a brand with a cause. It’s an innovative product which tackles the problem with single-use plastic and disposable plastic and paper cups. The Cupffee cup is 100% vegan and the packaging is biodegradable. Cupffee’s values as a brand align with ESG. We believe that the future of communication is through ESG and its vision. Cupffee is more than a business – it is a life mission! We at Cupffee are determined to make the Green Revolution a reality.


Find out more about Cupffee’s mission here.

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