If you are looking for sustainable gift ideas that are unique and thoughtful, you've come to the right place.

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

When the holidays come around, we should feel more concerned about the environment. More gifts inevitably mean more waste and plastic. Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to shop for sustainable and eco-friendly gifts. If you are looking for sustainable gift ideas that are unique and thoughtful, you’ve come to the right place.

The best part: these gifts are applicable for anyone and everyone, and we promise they’ll appreciate it.


If you’ve decided to buy clothes and accessories as a present (sweaters, flannels, socks or even bags etc.), choose pieces that are made out of organic cotton or recycled polyester. Don’t go for extravagant colours and patterns, and choose staple pieces for the person’s wardrobe.

Weighted blanket:

You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried sleeping with a weighted blanket. Choose materials such as fair trade alpaca, recycled cotton, GRS-certified recycled marine plastic.

Ethical jewellery:

Environmentally friendly gifts with purpose make the ultimate presents, and we don’t know of one woman who does not love the gift of ethical jewellery. Go for convertible jewellery, where many of the pieces can be worn in multiple ways and can also be customised to the wearer. Choose materials such as responsibly sourced and recycled gold, certified carbon-free, natural stones.

Sustainable skincare:

Organic skincare brands are up to the task and trying to reduce waste in a pretty wasteful industry. Go for brands that offer natural paraben-free, vegan and cruelty-free skincare products. A lot of brands offer beautiful, thoughtful packaging which can be refilled and reused.

Food containers:

Here me out. Food containers might sound as a weird Christmas gift but they are so useful and versatile. Everyone needs an extra set of glass containers to store food. Certain glass containers can go from freezer to microwave or oven to table. They don’t absorb smells or stains like plastic containers.

Coffee and Cupffee:

If you’ve decided to go for ethically sourced coffee, you can find a blog post on it. Cupffee is a delicious and edible cookie cup that perfectly complements your coffee or dessert. It is a sustainable and tasty alternative to plastic and paper cups. Cupffee is 100% GMO-free and vegan with no artificial colourants, sweeteners, or preservatives. Find it here.

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