About us

Driven by our dream for a better world, we created Cupffee – the delicious, edible, and biodegradable cookie cup that redefines the sustainability of disposable cups.

Nice to eat you

You go out.
You meet friends.
You talk.
You laugh.
You share.
You gossip.
You sit.
You want a coffee.
You find a coffee.
You get a coffee.
You enjoy your coffee.
You bite your cup.

Yes, you bite your cup!
Your completely biodegradable Cupffee made of vegan cookie dough.
Your delicious and pioneering addition to the coffee.
Which will make You repeat the story.

You go out again.
You meet friends again.
You need a coffee again.
You receive your Cupffee with coffee.
What do you think?
Mmm, nice to eat You!

Cupffee. Nice to eat me!



Cupffee cups are born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – the industrial center of the Balkans.We strive for the highest level of automation and digitalization of our business.From mixing of ingredients, to dough making, to dosage to baking and packaging everything flows in one elegant continuous flow.

We are equipped with the latest machines from world leaders like Buhler and Konig, which are modified to facilitate our proprietary production process, along with numerous custom designed equipment.

This is industry 4.0 in action – in pursuit of efficiency and sustainability.

Because we care


What defines Cupffee as unique is not only its taste and characteristics, but also the way we produce thousands of Cupffee cups every day.

Our production process does not generate industrial waste – just clean steam and a tasty aroma of freshly baked cookies.

Moreover, all leftover materials from the production of cups are utilized as ingredients for other edible products.


It all started with a brave idea

How do you make an edible cup that adds more character to your coffee experience and obliterates the need for plastic and single-use paper cups? We gathered the exceptional minds of coffee lovers with the inner drive to make the planet greener. And we came up with the perfect recipe for the crunchy and delicious Cupffee cups that now complements the coffee and tea of people all around the world.
A novel idea to make the world more sustainable was born.
The Cupffee company was founded.
We took the next step and boldly started industrial production.
We increased our industrial capacity with the support of angel investors.
We relocated to a large new production facility and further invested in a fully automated production line.

Our leader

Because Cupffee is a trend-setter in the food industry we work with some of the best and brightest. We gathered the exceptional minds of coffee lovers with the inner drive to make the planet greener.
Miroslav Zapryanov
Founder & CEO
Philip Donchev
Chief Operating Officer
Emanuil Kolev
Sales Manager
Elena Daskalova
Business Development
Mariya Dalemska
Office Manager
Hristina Parapanova
Production Manager
Krasimira Prodanova


Numerous brands across the world have already embarked on a sustainable journey with Cupffee.

Miroslav Zapryanov

Founder & CEO

For me Cupffee is more than a business – it is the mission of my life. The problem we are addressing is huge, but so is the opportunity to make a difference – one cup at a time.

I am fortunate to be working with a team of passionate people, who are determined to make the Green Revolution a reality.

Cupffee + lavazza

Sustainably bringing authentic Italian coffee to everyone

Lavazza and Cupffee is a perfect match. Together, we deliver sustainable options for coffee lovers in 18 countries across the world, by giving Italian coffee its new and delicious best friend.




We envision a sustainable future

People worldwide use over 400 million non-degradable plastic and paper cups daily, which poses an overgrowing ecological threat. Meet Cupffee – the tasty, crunchy, and fully organic alternative to all disposable cups, created by a zero-waste production process.

By substituting plastic and paper cups with Cupffee, we strive to:

Eliminate 5,980 tons of plastic and paper waste
Save 32,200 trees from being cut down
Save 460,768 kWh of energy

We encourage people across the world to make coffee drinking sustainable

Meet Cupffee

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