The history of coffee

coffee-plantWhere was born coffee? Who found it? What is the thing that makes it so charming and attractive that most of us can not resist him? All these questions have met and continue their searches many researchers and lovers of aromatic drink.

Underlying all stands of course, nature - one that has created kafeeneto plant to come the moment in which to find it and enjoy it as much as you want. So the interesting thing is who is the discoverer of this magic? It is well known that we humans are dulled largely intuition, feelings and sensations. In many situations, it is clear that it is better to trust the animals retained their connection with nature, and to take advantage of their instincts. And as they say in fairy tales, river-it has done: such is the case with coffee. Namely animals attracted by the aroma of coffee beans, tried them for the first time and the miraculous effect of coffee was available.

abyssinian-shepherdLegend has it that a young Abyssinian shepherd who lived in the 9th century, watching the goats, wondering what could be the reason for their constant hypnagogic state. Past day after day and finally pastor decided that perhaps it is not so strange as imagined stopped paying attention to them, leaving them to just graze, and he began to enjoy the surrounding beautiful scenery. And the next moment everything became clear to him: he saw goats suddenly become more vivid and unusually energetic after you have eaten the fruit of a plant that he did not know. Think about it and decided to try - and the miracle worked with him fruit so its taken effect, he forgot about all my problems. The rumor is spread and newfound magical elixir began to be used by monks and healers increasingly good mood and energy.

origin-of-the-coffeeOn the issue of the homeland of coffee, however, there are still disputes. According to some sources it is the area Caffe in southwestern Ethiopia, while others - Yemen. For the meaning of the word "coffee" also has different opinions. One version is that "coffee" comes from the Arabic "Caue" which means strength, power. Other link between 'coffee' and 'kahva "which in Arabic means" wine ". There is also a third view, according to which "coffee" comes from the name of the said province Caffe in southwestern Ethiopia. There today if costs in the woods, you can find wild coffee and feel those shepherd - inventor of the legend of coffee.

history-of-the-coffee-turkey1Disputes about the coffee plant continues to this day, but sure is that the magic of coffee began its conquest mission is from Yemen, from where Arab traders began its spread. Any homeland of coffee, history tells us that for many centuries the fragrant plant has remained secret, guarded only in the Arabian Peninsula. Mystery Coffee was first unveiled in Turkey, where in the first half of the XVI century began mass use. Turks love to coffee is notorious. Not accidentally, one of the common types of coffee in the world is "Turkish" - cooked in a copper pot with cream formed slowly, over low heat, and drunk with pleasure that for Turks is noisy with Serbia. 1st century later, around the middle of XVII, coffee was attracted by the newly thirst, residents of Europe gradually in Italy, Austria, England, France, Germany, Russia. And only in the XVIII century, coffee reached and the United States, thanks to the French sailors.

Espresso_coffee_cup_smallAnyone touched by the magical qualities of coffee and tried their influence was inspired, and some moisture in your imagination experiments inventing recipes for preparation. Hence the extremely wide variety of types of coffee prepared in a specific way for the crop. So the magic of coffee continues its development until today, causing imagination, energy and passion of its fans.



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