За Cupffee

The cup is made from natural and environmentally friendly goods- mainly cereals. It is protected by a valid utility model by the Bulgarian Patent Office and by copyright from the Library of Congress in the US.
Cupffee is an alternative to traditional plastic or cup of hot and cold drinks. The current varyant is designed for short and long coffee. It is planned to make a version for milk cappuccino and more. It is a special "waffle" coffee cup espresso and can be consumed as a generally accompanying coffee cookie. Moisture and thermal stability due to the dough involved a special recipe, a label that has enveloped lends style and is dependent on the hygienic point of view.
With a slightly sweet taste texture of Cupffee does not affect the taste of coffee. Retains its characteristic crispness and flavor stay in the drink in it for no more than 40 minutes (enough time for drinking a espreso- to 5 minutes it retains optimal taste).
This product meets the needs of society:
- From an innovative point-point new and interesting product satisfying increasingly demanding user;
- Functionally and financially point-one device combining two functions (food and drink)
- Ecologically point-entirely biodegradable product directly and indirectly environmentally friendly.
Cupffee primarily aimed at consumers of coffee, as well as people with an affinity for new and different. Expected interest and consequently high growth in sales, as the company "Kapfi" Ltd. is the first company in the world that will produce cups of this type.
At its core, innovation consists in offering an edible cup of coffee interesting new way of consuming hot drinks. At the same time does not jeopardize the environment as it offers two alternatives: to be consumed or 100% biodegradable if discarded. The main public interest in the ecological orientation of the product (directly and indirectly) - less waste, emissions of harmful gases used electric. Energy, water and detergents.