8 things ruining the effectiveness of coffee


Studies show that coffee has many beneficial actions - by reducing the risk of dementia by speeding up the metabolism. But sometimes consumers ruining his health characteristics without even suggest, reported by Fox News, cited by BTA. There are 8 ways that should not take coffee.
1. Buying already ground coffee
A study published in the journal Food Chemistry shows that the ground coffee contains more free radicals, which can impair the oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.
2. Storing coffee in the packaging in which it was purchased
The same study shows that the amount of free radicals increases if coffee is stored in an airtight container. So beneficial antioxidants is spent to neutralize the harmful particles.
3. Drinking coffee at dawn
In the first hours after waking, levels of the stress hormone cortisol are high, providing a natural burst of energy. The best is the first coffee to drink between 10 and 12 hours when cortisol levels in the body start to decline.
4. The assumption that heavily toasted coffee contains more antioxidants
"Research has focused on identifying the most healthy coffee are still at a stage where the type can not be determined with certainty," said Dr. Rob van Dam, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, advised we consume coffee that we be pleasant.
5. The assumption that less fried coffee contains less caffeine
Less toasted coffee actually contains more caffeine than a strong piece because the process of baking burn caffeine.
6. Drinking too much coffee
Drinking lots of coffee does not make you any service. It can only worsen the condition of people with high blood pressure, gastroesophageal reflux disease and diabetes.
7. The conversion of coffee with sugar sugar in coffee
Adding too much sugar to coffee eliminate its ability to stabilize blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes.
8. Drinking same coffee for hours
Standing of the drink for more than 20 minutes increases the acidity. This leads to the formation of stomach acids and upset, helps violation of tooth enamel.

Source: economic.bg

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